Knowing Your Golf Cart Wheels – How to Measure The Wheels

Golf cart wheels characteristic rim flanges on the outer edges that present rubber tire beads with seats and valve stems with small holes. This characteristic permits golf carts to maneuver at low speeds. They’ve rims produced from metal or aluminum that could be painted or chromed and generally measure seven to eight inches from one flange to a different and eight inches throughout the seat of the bead. Often known as the "four on four" model, most even have lug patterns whereby the wheels are spaced out with four-inch circles.

The best way to measure golf cart wheels

Normal golf cart wheels measure at at 18 inches in top, eight.5 inches in width, and eight inches on the bead, the place the peak is the outer diameter, the width is measured throughout the tread, and the bead refers back to the internal diameter. A part of studying how one can measure golf cart wheels is knowing all indicators utilized in a wheel.

One of the vital vital so that you can be aware of is the wheel's design. As an example, for those who see the design NHS or Non Freeway Service, then which means that that individual wheel cannot stand up to the pressures created by high-speed rotations or excessive hundreds. They are going to work high-quality with golf carts, in fact, however for those who're planning on rushing up on the inexperienced, you may need to go for wheels rated with a 'B' or 'C'. Golf cart wheels with 'B' or 'C' rankings have higher rubber high quality and extra layers to absorb the results of high-speed street use. Other than designations, additionally maintain an eye fixed out on golf cart wheel strain as you learn to measure them. Most would require between 15 to 25 PSI, with the typical round 20 to 22 PSI. As a normal rule, the upper the tire strain the simpler it’s for a golf cart to roll though that additionally interprets to a stiffer trip and untimely carrying out of the wheels.

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