Wheelchairs – Wheels and Brakes

Wheelchairs are utilized by lots of of 1000’s within the UK for no matter strolling is troublesome or not possible as a consequence of sickness, fracture, amputation, spinal wire damage, outdated age, weight problems and lots of different causes. On this article, I’ll go into some element concerning the wheels and brakes of a wheelchair.

There are various variations of the handbook wheelchair however all of them have many options in frequent that make them immediately recognizable from common chairs. The principle (and most evident) distinction is that common chairs have an absence of wheels.

For probably the most half, operated by hand wheelchairs have 2 giant wheels on the again and a couple of small wheels on the entrance. The bigger rear wheels have an aluminum hand rim which permits the chair to be propelled by the occupant. On the prime rear of the chair exists push handles to permit the wheelchair to be pushed by a 3rd get together.

The tires on a wheelchair are produced from rubber and fall into three normal lessons; pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and stable rubber. Pneumatic tires are, as anticipated, full of air. They supply probably the most snug experience however like bike tires, are inclined to flats. Semi-pneumatic tires are just like pneumatic tires, however slightly than air, they’re full of a gel, this offers a much less snug experience, nevertheless they’re much much less tolerable to flats. Stable rubber tires are as could be anticipated, stable rubber. These tires by no means go flat, although they are often considerably uncomfortable and weigh much more.

Wheelchairs even have brakes, these brakes are usually not the identical as automobile brakes, that’s, they aren’t designed to gradual the wheelchair down (normally, wheelchairs don’t obtain speeds excessive sufficient to have requirement of any braking system aside from the fingers on the hand rim) however to cease it rolling away when on a sloped floor with out the necessity of the occupant making use of fixed strain to the hand rim.

To cease the wheelchair occupants' ft from touching the ground, all wheelchairs come geared up with flip up foot rests. These ingenious items of plastic even have a formed heel loop to supply assist and retains the foot positioned on the middle of the foot relaxation.

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