29ers Vs 26er MTB wheels

There's a brand new development going within the mountain bike world, mountain bikes with bigger 29 "wheels as an alternative of the usual 26" wheels. Quite a lot of huge manufacturers are popping out with increasingly more 29 "mannequin of their vary However what variations do they provide to 26" MTBs?


A 29 "MTB tyre finally ends up having an extended contact patch with the bottom attributable to its bigger radius. This implies extra rubber and knobs gripping the bottom. In conditions the place grip is a matter these wheels provide an enormous benefit On the flip facet, a tyre with much less tread can be utilized to get the identical grip as a 26er, and get much less rolling resistance.


A 29er wheel locations the axle greater and therefore supplies a greater roll over angle than a 26 "wheel. Think about this, a 2" bump is a smaller% of the radius of a 29 "wheel in comparison with a 26" wheel. Its the monster truck impact (OK barely exaggerated). Ever discover how 4×4 all have giant wheels? It's as a result of they experience over bumps higher.

As a result of the wheels experience bumps so properly, a commerce off may be made utilizing shorter journey suspension. A 100mm journey 29er can experience bumps in addition to a 120mm bike, saving body weight. Nevertheless you do hand over cushion for touchdown jumps.


29er wheel and frames sometimes weigh greater than an equal 26er setup. The edges are a bigger circumference, as are the tires, the spokes are longer (and sometimes extra of them). The frames and forks additionally should be modified to suit the bigger wheels, so fork legs and chain positions have to be longer (which weigh extra)


These huge wheels placing extra mass farther from the axle leads to a lot bigger rotational inertia. This implies the wheels don’t speed up as simply, or decelerate underneath braking. So should you experience a variety of single observe, or need to dash out of corners, a 29er is not going to really feel as vivid. Nevertheless many riders discover the wheels maintain pace higher over tough open floor. The mix of wheels that experience over bumps higher, and wheels that don’t what to decelerate make these wheels fly once you get them shifting.

Dealing with

It has taken some time for firms to get the best stability with 29er frames. The big entrance wheels push the fork crown up, and for the reason that entrance finish of the bike. This implies the size of the top tube needs to be shortened, and this may be a difficulty on smaller body sizes which have already got brief head tubes with immediately's 80-120mm forks. Excellent news is you as talked about above, your 80mm forks will experience like a 100mm + fork, saving weight and permitting the entrance finish to be lowered once more.

Chain keep size and whole wheel base has been one other headache, particularly for bikes wanting a shorter wheel base for extra nibble dealing with. Getting the stability between the longer forks, longer chain lasts, and nonetheless holding the bike nibble has resolved in a number of makes an attempt to get the bikes traits proper. The businesses making 29ers have been studying from one another, and now you can get bikes which deal with very similar to their 26er cousins. BE WARNED some bikes are nonetheless made with longer wheel primarily based for higher excessive pace stability, as that’s the persona that model desires for his or her 29ers. Decide your weapon rigorously!

A facet impact of the bigger rotational inertia of 29er wheels is that they resist turning facet to facet greater than 26 "wheels That is referred to as gyroscopic impact (look it up on Wikipedia!) The quicker the wheel spins, the much less it desires to be turned / lend. This could really feel just like the deal with bars have to be muscled a bit extra to show the wheel in, and might make the bike really feel much less nibble in tight single observe and many others. When you wish to throw the bike round a bit as properly, the bike will resist extra and really feel heavier.


Mix the longer contact patch and bump roll over skills of a 29er, and you’ve got a wheel that climbs well- should you keep momentum. When you sluggish then these wheels really feel heavier to get shifting once more in comparison with the lighter 26er wheels.


29er bikes are likely to adore it when the grade heads downward. They’ve nice traction, nice roll over skill and nice stability as a result of the wheels down need to get flip off their axis of rotation. Whereas this will make the bike really feel heavy in tight corners, its a bonus for bombing over bumps. These wheels will get knocked off line far much less simply than 26 "wheels.


It’s good to run stronger brakes, or squeeze tighter with 29 "wheels. will really produce much less deceleration power into the bottom. No biggie, run bigger rotors.


Who cares you’re on a mountain bike! Likelihood is you'll not often be going quicker than aero is a matter. With fats tires and upright seating place the wheel measurement will make little distinction.


Bigger circumference wheels means additional traveled for every wheel rotation. This implies for a given gear set, a 29er is geared greater than a 26er. What does this imply? When you battle in backside gear on a 26er, you'll battle extra on a 29er. It’s good to watch out when choosing what gear set will swimsuit you when swapping from a 26er to a 29er.

So which is finest?

Nicely its horses for programs.

When you need a motorbike with nimble dealing with and really feel, mild weight, and good acceleration- then a 26er is your wheel.

In case your driving is much less technical and demanding, then the 29er is a rocket. This is the reason many brief journey suspension bikes have 29er choices and a variety of arduous tails as properly.

For the racing set it affords a motorbike with much less suspension robbing their energy, or permits them to go with out rear suspension, however wonderful bump consuming skill and traction for programs the place the nimble really feel off a 26er isn’t required.

For entry stage riders who sometimes usually are not as aggressive with their driving fashion, the 29er MTB offers them an important driving bike that’s extra forgiving of motorbike dealing with abilities over bumps and on unfastened climbs and many others. For my subsequent MTB, I’m critically contemplating a 100mm 29er to switch my 120mm 26er. I believe it can higher swimsuit my driving fashion and the place I experience, bettering the driving expertise. Perhaps you need to take into account one too?

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