RV Tire Blow Out – How to Protect Yourself

Most RV tires don’t fail attributable to extreme put on however attributable to deterioration over a time period. I had a spare tire on my Hitchhiker II which had by no means been used —yet it disintegrated whereas mounted to the rear of the trailer and lined, so I do know it may well occur!

Warren Hull’s EzineArticles article titled “RV Tire Safety” covers the scenario somewhat properly. That article offers some recommendations on methods to retard the inevitable deterioration.

The underside line to defending your self from the issues related to a tire failure is straightforward:

Substitute the tire earlier than it causes an issue!

The subsequent query, “When do I do this?” shouldn’t be as easy to reply.

It has been stated that RV tires must be changed after about six years, whatever the situation of the tread. My expertise with my earlier trailer would point out that quantity is about proper. Had I executed so, it will have saved me numerous inconvenience and a few minor injury to the trailer.

However final week, I had a failure of a tire which was barely 5 years previous! And it was on the north facet of the trailer, winter and summer time. My private feeling is tire ought to final six, seven, or eight years.

I am hoping that this failure was a fluke. If one other one fails this 12 months, it is straight to the tire retailer for a brand new set!

Tires have a date code molded into the sidewall, so it’s straightforward to know the age of our tires. The code is 4 digits, with the primary two being the week of the 12 months and the second two being the 12 months the tire was manufactured. Instance: A tire with the date code “0607” would have been made in February (sixth week of the 12 months), 2007.

The four-digit code went into impact in July, 2000. Previous to that, the date code was a three-digit code, with the 12 months being represented by a single digit.

In case your tires have a three-digit code, do not be stunned in the event that they fail! They’re over seven years previous and positively is not going to final endlessly.

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