Hookahs – Authentic Egyptian or Chinese Imposter?

Egypt has lengthy been identified within the Center East as the perfect place to get a hookah and hookah equipment. The land of the pharaohs, pyramids, and sphinx can also be the Motherland of the shisha (the Egyptian phrase for hookah). Egyptian artisans nonetheless make hookahs the old style method — by hand and with quite a lot of satisfaction in craftsmanship. Making hookahs remains to be a household custom, and the perfect hookah makers in Egypt have earned their spots via the continuity of conventional strategies. Glass bases are nonetheless constituted of hand blown coloured glass, and artists nonetheless adorn them by hand utilizing paint, glitter, decals, or etching. Hoses are made completely by hand, from the chopping of the material to the turning of the wooden that may turn into the handles to the addition of ornamental components resembling braid, fringe, or fur. Shafts could also be fabricated from metals like stainless-steel, brass, or chrome plated brass, however these metals are fashioned by the palms of grasp craftsmen, put collectively by expert welders, and generally etched or embellished by artisans. Potters nonetheless use a potting wheel to make the clay bowls that we name the “head.” Briefly, each a part of a real Egyptian hookah is crafted by hand utilizing conventional strategies which leads to a one-of-a-kind product each time. Egyptian hookahs are so admired and revered all through the Center East that you just’d be arduous pressed to discover a pipe in one other Center Japanese nation that doesn’t have some half that was made in Egypt!

When the hookah craze hit the USA, the cultural icon of the Center East fell prey to the meeting line mentality. It did not take lengthy for the hookah to be added to the record of counterfeit merchandise being mass produced in China for export to the American market. As a result of neither the homeowners of producing vegetation or meeting line employees in China have a cultural stake or identification related to the product, the hookahs that they produce contain no artistry. The glass bases are molded after which spray painted; the glass itself is just not coloured. Any designs on the glass are likewise spray painted on by machines. Machine made plastic hoses with plastic or simulated wooden ends haven’t any ornamental components on them. Machines mould shafts constituted of tin, aluminum, or a mix of these metals with stainless-steel; generally, machines spray paint them in a shade to match the glass. Porcelain, a fabric for which the Chinese language are well-known, has changed the standard clay bowl constituted of the wealthy clay of the banks of the Nile River. Chilly, computerized Chinese language machines have changed the intimate contact of the Egyptian craftsmen whose work is a supply of satisfaction.

As a result of Egyptian hookahs set the trade customary, it has turn into widespread for sellers to falsely label their Chinese language look-alikes as “genuine Egyptian” pipes. Many consumers have been taken in by a deceptive description coupled with a low value and suppose that they’re shopping for a real Egyptian hookah when, in actuality, they get an imposter. Do not be duped! Search for the figuring out traits listed under to find out if the hookah you might be contemplating shopping for is the actual deal.

Traits of an Genuine Egyptian Hookah

  • Genuine Egyptian hookahs are nonetheless handmade utilizing centuries previous conventional strategies. Crafted by the palms of people that have a cultural stake and identification of their product, each facet of the genuine Egyptian hookah entails artistry and craftsmanship.
  • The bottom of an genuine Egyptian hookah is hand blown coloured glass that is available in quite a lot of shapes and colours with hand painted designs. Probably the most telling facet of an genuine Egyptian base is its attribute bands of real 18Ok gold or platinum paint.
  • Egyptian hoses are handcrafted utilizing conventional strategies and supplies; they differ in model, shade, and ornamental components.
  • Shafts are hand fashioned stainless-steel, brass, or chrome plated brass in varied heights, variety of hose holders, designs, and ornamental components. Egyptian shafts are by no means fabricated from aluminum or spray painted in a shade to match the glass base!
  • An genuine Egyptian hookah is at all times offered with the identical variety of hoses that the shaft will maintain. Should you’re shopping for a 2-hose hookah, you get 2 hoses!
  • Anybody who sells genuine Egyptian hookahs could have alternative elements accessible. Glass bases break and hoses ought to be changed each few months for the sake of hygiene, so you will need to have entry to particular person elements in your hookah.

Traits of the Chinese language Imposter Hookah

  • The Chinese language imposter hookahs are mass produced in factories by machines and individuals who haven’t any cultural connection to the product. The hookahs all look the identical, simply as one would count on from something made on an meeting line.
  • Chinese language bases are fabricated from molded glass or acrylic that’s spray painted with materials that washes off with regular cleansing. Designs, if any, are an identical with no variation in sample or model as a result of machines are preset to make them look a sure method.
  • Chinese language hoses are fabricated from plastic with plastic or simulated wooden ends with no ornamental components. Typically the hoses are known as “pleather,” a advertising and marketing trick to make plastic sound higher.
    Hoses are marketed as “washable.” No hookah hose is really washable as a result of inside each is a wire coil round which the hose material is wrapped. Operating water via the hose solely accelerates the deterioration strategy of that wire coil! There isn’t any such factor as a washable hookah hose!
  • Shafts produced in China are machine fabricated from tin, aluminum, or a mix of these metals blended with stainless-steel or chrome. They’re typically spray painted to match the colour of the glass. A hookah with a shaft that matches the colour of the glass is just not Egyptian! The shafts of Chinese language hookahs are fabricated from inferior metals that don’t stand as much as regular put on and tear. Egyptian hookahs, however, are fabricated from robust and sturdy metals that may face up to time and utilization.
  • As a result of sellers usually do not need alternative elements or equipment, they promote the Chinese language hookahs straight from the field. Because of this a number of hose hookahs are sometimes offered with just one hose. Should you’re shopping for a 2-hose hookah, likelihood is that you’re going to get just one hose!
  • To make them extra interesting to the American shopper, Chinese language manufactured hookahs are sometimes offered with a tough shell carrying case. What a good way to cover an inferior product!
  • With the current recall of assorted merchandise manufactured in China, patrons should be particularly cautious of hookahs made in and imported from China as a result of they’re painted!

To really admire the cultural significance of the hookah and get essentially the most of out of the hookah expertise, it’s essential to have the actual factor! Whereas the worth of a few of the Chinese language imports could look engaging, please remember the fact that that is positively a case of getting what you pay for. A product that can’t stand as much as the utilization for which it was made is not a cut price when it needs to be changed over and over. Purchase an genuine Egyptian hookah and help the artisans and craftsmen who, in a world dominated by machine made items, proceed to make hookahs the best way they and their households have for hundreds of years.

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