The Spirit of the Universe and the Invention of the Wheel

It has been a thriller that many have contemplated over time. Who invented the wheel and why? It’s depicted in historical hieroglyphs and imagery in rock artwork relationship to the Neolithic. The Spirit, nevertheless, confirmed me a imaginative and prescient that prompted me to look additional again within the information to seek out its precursor within the Stone Age. A picture situated at Tata, Hungary, dates to over 400,000 years in the past and is a circle/cross image etched on a nummulite fossil.

As a part of my analysis into the origin of language and faith the Spirit, with which I’ve a powerful hyperlink following my reincarnation, despatched me on a studying curve. Proven how historical mysteries and secrets and techniques are preserved it’s time to expose their which means and the way they now type a entice to convey the false gods to an finish.

What was unknown by them as individuals modified from hunter-gatherers to sedentary life was the construction of the universe. They considered the world as a flat floor as a result of they by no means discovered the curvature of it. The tip of the earth was the ocean which, of their minds, rose up in a round form above the earth.

They labored this out on the colors and the horizon which, to an untrained thoughts, confirmed the rise of the water because it blended the sky and ocean collectively. Add to those issues the dearth of language, which was fundamental at greatest, and the poor perspective in the direction of report maintaining.

To them all the pieces was a circle. The earth was contained in a giant circle. The universe above them is a circle. The solar, which they worshipped as their god, is a circle. With out something to vary their evaluation of the planet nobody dreamed that it too is a sphere.

As issues developed as a consequence of sedimentation they used symbols and sounds related to such to develop language as a car of communication. Invention, borrowing, and issues like clicks, claps, and knocks, have been all a part of the combination. Some languages nonetheless work with them, similar to that of the !Kung individuals of the Kalahari Desert and the !Quichuan audio system of Mexico. (The image! stands for ‘click on)

Probably the primary sounds associated to the easy ones that may very well be fashioned simply with the mouth and required no voice field have been principally glides, stops, and vowels sounds. The latter fall into this class and [o], [a], [e], [i], and [u], figured of their speech. That’s beside the truth that some languages developed difficult double vowels whereas others use solely three or 4.

Utilizing the letter [o] as a place to begin and that of [i] as its mate the mixed sounds of ‘io’ and ‘oi’ means God in Maori and Judaism. ‘Io’ grew to become ‘jo’ when the letter [j] was launched and ‘pleasure’ or ‘joi’ means ‘final happiness’.

With the mixed circle/cross image identified from a whole bunch if not 1000’s of years beforehand the wheel was a product of it. Depictions present them as fundamental designs with the right-angled cross because the spokes. Later depictions have six after which eight spokes which can be required for energy.

It didn’t take lengthy earlier than the wheel grew to become a method to create a car. The primary chariots are proven within the Assyrian capital drawing relationship from some Eight-10,000 years in the past. Egyptian chariots have been extra refined and the European ones copied their fashion.

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